Fright Nights: The Best Halloween Attractions and Haunted Houses in Portland

Something special happens around here every October. The air gets crisp, the leaves start to turn brittle and descend from their branches, and we start to crave pumpkin pie and hot apple cider. But there’s also something else we get a taste for — the sort of spooky chills that make our scalps tingle and our blood run cold. Good thing our fair city offers plenty of ways to have a ghostly, ghoulishly good time for the Halloween season. Looking for a scare? Here’s your guide to the best Halloween attractions and haunted houses in Portland.

The Fear PDX

The Fear bills itself as Portland’s largest Halloween event. And with not one, not two, but FIVE haunted attractions all in one location, it’s not hard to see why. Whether you subject yourself to the spooky thrills of the Kill Floor, Factory 13’s industrial labyrinth, or the creepy clowns of Blood House, you’ll be leaving with plenty of nightmare fuel. And don’t forget to check out the macabre Midway of Fear on your way to this year’s most extreme new attraction, the genuinely unsettling Layers of Darkness. The Fear PDX is renowned for being the scariest haunt in town, so be sure to brace yourself before you go.

12301 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97230

The Davis Graveyard

For more than 20 years, the Davis family has been decorating their large, corner-lot Milwaukie yard for Halloween. It began as just a few whimsical headstones. Then other oversized decorations joined the party. Soon, crowds began to form. Before long, the Davis Graveyard was known far and wide as the PDX metro’s most must-see spooky spectacle. And it’s free! (When you go, please bear in mind that this is not an interactive attraction, as it’s hosted at a private home. So please enjoy the decorations and take photographs from a respectful distance.) 

8703 SE 43rd Ave, Milwaukie, OR 97222

Bella Organic Haunted Maze

Getting lost has never been so fun! The pair of haunted corn mazes at Bella Organic Farm cover several acres, and each is absolutely filled with ghouls, ghosts, zombies, monsters, and creeps of endless varieties. The maze itself is just as terrifying as its denizens, packed with switchbacks, blind corners, and dead ends. Will YOU make it out? Just cross your fingers you don’t end up in the butcher shop. Note: this is scary stuff, so kids under the age of five won’t be admitted.   

16205 NW Gillihan Rd, Portland, OR 97231

Underhill Haunted House and Fearlandia

Prepare yourself to have a full-on fright fest at this massive 40,000-square-foot spookatorium featuring multiple “scareas.” Fear’s Gate sets the stage for freaky thrills at the site of a disturbing chemical spill. Night Terrors drags all your worst phobias kicking and screaming directly out of your nightmares. And Underhill Manor is a Victorian-style mansion full of cursed objects and lost souls — just take care not to become a part of the collection. Bringing young ones along? Underhill Haunted House is also home to one of the best family-friendly attractions in the state, appropriate for kids aged 12 and under. 

300 N Winning Way, Portland, OR 97227

Oaks Park ScareGrounds

Overheard at the ScareGrounds: “The rides are here all year…I come here every October for this.” The “this” in question? A haunted amusement park crawling with creeps and creatures sure to make the hair on the back of your neck stand at attention. Not only is the park overrun with monsters after dark, but three huge haunted houses have also sprung up to beckon the brave through their dastardly doors. Of course, all your favorite Oaks Park rides and attractions will be open and ready to deliver the thrills. You just may want to watch your back while you’re queueing up to get on.

7805 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland, OR 97202

Topaz Farm’s Haunted Hayride and Maze

Topaz Farm’s not-to-be-missed party is two nights only — October 29 and 30 — and will feature more spooky fun than you could shake a wooden stake at. Haunted corn maze? You bet. A pick-your-own pumpkin patch? Of course. How about animal encounters, a hayride, and live entertainment? Yes, yes, and yes. Refreshments, fresh produce, and beverages will also be available. Once dark falls, stick around for the big bonfire and finish spooky season off right.  

17100 NW Sauvie Island Rd, Portland, OR 97231

Feeling Brave?

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