Making Business a Pleasure at The Hotel Zags

Thanks to a robust corporate community, “Rose City” has long been a hub for traveling professionals. And whether you’re a seasoned Portland business travel expert or embarking on a new working adventure, The Hotel Zags offers an unparalleled experience for pros on the go. Headed here for a career-based sojourn? Let’s explore the features that make business travel a pleasure at The Hotel Zags.

Elevate Your Experience With The Bizzz Club

The Hotel Zags understands that every business traveler deserves a touch of extra consideration. Hence, The Bizzz Club — a business membership program designed to cater to the unique needs of professionals. Insiders enjoy special perks like an exclusive welcome amenity, high-speed Wi-Fi, and access to our Gear Shed adventure equipment rentals. Our Bizzz Club rates also waives our Guest Amenity Fee ($29 value per night). Supercharge your stay with the Bizzz Club and experience business travel redefined.

Available Meeting Space

The Hotel Zags offers available meeting areas for seamless business events. If you need to schedule a sit-down with your team, these perfectly appointed rooms are available in increments as small as an hour. So regardless of whether you need a professional space for Zoom calls, a strategy spot, or a venue for collaborative brainstorming sessions, our boardrooms are just as ready to go as you are.

Your Workspace Away from Home

Working guests always feel at ease here, given the fact that every room includes ergonomic desks designed for business travelers. From crunching numbers to crafting presentations, our spacious surfaces provide a comfortable and productive workspace right in the heart of your space.

Fitness on the Fly

Guests at The Hotel Zags are invited to maintain their wellness routine with complimentary day passes to the 24-Hour Fitness location just one block away. Stay energized and focused as you unwind after a day of meetings or kickstart your morning with an invigorating workout. We also offer a complimentary running map that delineates a popular jogging path, leading guests through picturesque river views and nearby trails to combine business travel with a refreshing dose of nature.

On-Site Dining & Drinks

Savor the convenience of on-site dining at Zags Restaurant & Patio. Our on-premises eatery offers a diverse menu and a relaxing ambiance, making it the perfect spot for business lunches, casual meetings, or unwinding after a productive day. Best of all, it’s only moments away — so you’re never far from a satisfying sip or the perfect plate. 

Stay Connected 

Staying connected is a non-negotiable for pros on the move. So Zags guests always enjoy complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, ensuring you’re always in touch and able to meet the up-to-the-minute demands of your business with ease.

A Safe and Central Location

Zags is a secure, quiet haven in downtown Portland — just walking distance from many of the city’s most popular attractions. The Hotel Zags provides a tranquil environment for focused work and easy access to the pulse of the city when it’s time to relax.

Triumph at The Colosseum

The Colosseum is a complimentary amenity for guests that’s sure to spark productivity and epic unwinds in equal measure. This 1,600 square foot area offers flexible event space for meetings, social events and corporate get-togethers. Plus, when it’s time to clock out, guests are welcome to partake in diversions like billiards, darts and online gaming. The Colosseum also features couches, tables for work, and TVs for catching up on news or sports. It’s truly the perfect space to find balance between work and leisure.

Take Your Business Stay To the Next Level at The Hotel Zags

At The Hotel Zags, we redefine business travel, blending comfort, convenience, and a touch of exclusivity to create an experience tailored for the modern business professional. Ready to elevate your stay? Join the Bizzz Club and unlock a world of benefits designed to make your business trip an unparalleled success.