PRIDE NW Mural Special Offer

See the New Mural and Save on Your Stay

The Hotel Zags is proud to call Portland home. This is one of the most diverse, inclusive cities in the country, but that doesn’t mean the fight for a better future is over. Even in Portland, there is still discrimination against LBGTQ+ citizens, particularly people of color. PRIDE NW’s new “Never Look Away” mural celebrates the beauty and struggle of queer people, declaring that queer people are here to stay, because we have always been here. 

The Hotel Zags is incredibly inspired and impressed with the work of PRIDE NW, and our latest offer gives us all a chance to support the cause. Enjoy a stay with us, marvel at the new mural for yourself, and enjoy 15% off your room. We will be donating 10% of all proceeds back to PRIDE NW to support all the wonderful things they do. Commemorate the past with us, and together we’ll make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.