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Tarot Reading with Coleman Stevenson of the Dark Exact
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Tarot Reading with Coleman Stevenson of the Dark Exact

Saturday, September 28, 2019 September 28, 2019 The Hotel Zags Portland

Each session with Coleman offers a chance to ask the cards your burning questions, or to simply explore what your weekend in Portland might have in store for you! Locals are also welcome.

Reserved 20-minute sessions are available between 3pm-5pm. Not sure of your schedule that day? 10-15 minute drop-in sessions are also available from 5pm-6pm, with sign-ups available that afternoon at our front desk.

Reserved sessions (20 minutes) are $30. Click here to register.

Drop-in sessions (10-15 minutes) are $20.

Artist and writer Coleman Stevenson designs tarot and oracle decks, including The Dark Exact Tarot, as well as numerous other tools for self-reflection. She has been reading cards for twenty years and regularly teaches workshops on a variety of tarot topics. She has also been a guest curator for several gallery spaces in the Portland, Oregon, area, and has taught creative writing, literature, design, and cultural studies at various different institutions there, currently at Portland Literary Arts. Her current fine art work, exhibited in galleries around the Pacific Northwest, focuses on the intersections between image and text.