Private Dining

Indulge in Portland's trendsetting scene at a private dining affair that oozes chic sophistication. Set between our buzzy lobby and Zags Restaurant and Patio, the ambiance effortlessly blends modern aesthetics with artistic touches. An intimate communal table adorned with curated settings awaits, beneath ambient lighting that shifts with the mood. Expect a culinary journey where innovative dishes and carefully paired wines create a tantalizing symphony for the senses.

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Phone: 503-484-1073

A Large Room With Tables And Chairs


Combined Square Footage: 594 SQ FT
Dining: 25

The fusion of our two private dining spaces, with soft lighting and thoughtfully arranged furnishings create the perfect setting for an exclusive private dining experience.

A Large Dining Room With Tables And Chairs


234 SQ FT
Max Capacity: 16
Seated Capacity: 8

Looking for something more intimate? Book Nizza for a smaller group.

A Large Dining Room With Tables Set


306 SQ FT
Max Capacity: 24
Seated Capacity: 12

For a smaller gathering, Genova is the perfect setting to connect with friends over bites and drinks.

A Room With Tables And Chairs


714 SQ FT
Max Capacity: 55
Seated Capacity: 35 

The foyer serves as a captivating transition, seamlessly connecting a private dining room to an expansive outdoor patio. With its inviting design and harmonious blend of interior and exterior elements, it invites guests to step from the elegance of indoor dining to the open-air charm of the patio space.